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The Consummate Loss, 56x74, 2016, unedit
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Adam Hesse began pursuing painting in earnest while in college in 1997 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  He majored in Biology and French while serving in the Marine reserves, but has always endeavored to pursue and develop his art as the singularity between the rational and the irrational; as an aid in peeking behind the veil.  An avid cyclist, hiker, and outdoorsmen, He traveled extensively and lived in Corfu, Greece where he was commissioned to paint “The Creation of the Sun and the Moon”  by Michealangelo (Sistine Chapel).  He then painted other commissions in Greece, Sweden, and the United States.  After completing a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a BA in French linguistics he did his post graduate studies in marine science at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2011.  A member of the Royal New Zealand Society of Science and a key-note speaker at the Pacific Voices Conference, he then returned to the U.S. where he met his life partner which brought two children and the motivation to find a place in the world where he could explore the synergies between art and science.  He has long said “where the mountains meet the sea is where you’ll find me.”



My inspiration:
I’ve found myself long mesmerized by the likes of Patrick woodruff, Salvador Dahli, and Picasso (especially his early work) among a great host of many others.  Their ability to twist reality and join it so meaningfully to our unspoken language of dreams behind the veil is, has, and always will be a driving force in my efforts to perfect my vision and technique.  Then, to look upon the works for the Renaissance masters is at times stupefying.  The dedication that it took to create such works as the Sistine Chapel, in the climate in which they were completed is nothing short of awe inspiring.  Walking back even further, towards the source, the beginnings of visual expression, from cave walls, to the great monuments of the ancient era and earlier can afford one to see some of the echoes if they’re wearing the right eyes.  In my travels and passages of my ship with others, and try to wear those bleary, dreamy eyes to help in some way to bring the pieces into focus.

The role of art in humanity has always been a vexing topic.  Art is and is not so many things.  What does a painting actually do?  It doesn’t perform any function (save for maybe covering a hole in the wall).  And yet it does.  Therein lies the function of the artist no matter the genre.  We cannot all write or sing.  Sometimes the message is not in words.  We’re here to view the world and report back our findings.  The great and terrible world drives most of who endeavor quite out of our minds for better or worse.  At times lost in our disparate but somehow linked “seeings” into, onto, and through the world, we manage to take the little hints, clues, and fleeting glimpse of the true nature of things both in and beyond our spectrum.  We tell these stories to those with eyes that can hear.



  • Seacompression 2019  Forgotten Futures
    Sat, Oct 19
    Seattle Design Center Events
    Oct 19, 2019, 2:00 PM – Oct 20, 2019, 2:00 AM
    Seattle Design Center Events, 5701 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA
    Hessian Art Werks will be attending: The official Burning Man decompression party of Seattle and the Puget Sound region.
  • Imagine Music & Art Festival
    Thu, Sep 12
    Doe Bay Resort & Retreat
    Sep 12, 2019, 7:00 PM – Sep 15, 2019, 11:59 PM
    Doe Bay Resort & Retreat, 107 Doe Bay Rd, Olga, WA 98279, USA
    Hessian Art Werks will be attending the Festival!


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